Plastic Rod extrusion line


Plastic Rod extrusion line

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Plastic Rod Extrusion Line
Raw material:PP HDPE PE PA , ABS,POM, PMMA PVC, etc.
Screw type of extruder is determined according to raw material. The screw length diameter ratio L/D=20~28, compression ratio E=2.5~3.5, screw head is semicircle.
General screw, gradual screw: ABS POM PMMA HDPE PE
Mutant screw: PP PA mutant screw
Select the size of the extruder, mainly according to the rod diameter, generally SJ-45 and SJ-65 are mostly used, can extrude 20-300 mm diameter of the rods.

Flow Chart

Raw material + Auto Feeder →Drier → Single Screw Extruder → Extrusion Die →Water Tank →Bench Clamp → Cutting Machine → Stacker


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