Tips for Choosing Plastic Extrusion

Tips for Choosing Plastic Extrusion

Plastic extruder, also known as extrusion molding or extrusion molding in plastic processing, refers to that the material is thermally plasticized while advancing through the extruder barrel and screw, and continuously passes through the head to make various products. A method of processing a cross-section product or semi-finished product.

The main engine of the plastic extruder is the extruder, which consists of an extrusion system, a transmission system and a heating and cooling system. The extrusion system includes screw, barrel, hopper, die and die. The plastic is plasticized into a homogeneous melt by the extrusion system, and is continuously extruded from the head by the screw under the pressure built up in the process.

Plastic extruders are becoming increasingly important in a variety of industries, including the plastics industry. Plastic extruders can be utilized in a variety of industries.

The following aspects need to be considered when choosing a plastic extruder

1. Stable extruder structure

The value of the plastic extruder is high and the maintenance cost is relatively high, so it is more important to use the electrical appliances of internationally renowned brands on the plastic extruder. But if you pursue low cost and use unbranded electrical appliances, it will affect the stability of the plastic extruder. There will also be many after-sales problems. The plastic products produced by the JKS extruder have the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance

2. The performance of the machine

For a plastic extruder, you should first pay attention to its parameters, such as the total voltage, current, and energy consumption. How much can a steady output reach per day? How much water and electricity are used, what is the length, width, height and weight? How much space should be reserved for the factory site? These most basic parameters allow you to make some judgments right away. JKS' plastic extruder production line exhibits high efficiency and stable performance with high output and low consumption value.

3. Pre-sales communication

A mature plastic extruder manufacturer will definitely provide you with a complete set of solutions, including investment budget, successful case reference, drawing machine layout drawings according to the actual scene of the factory, communicating machine details, communicating delivery time and payment methods. Arrange shipments, etc.

4. After-sales support and training

After the machine is delivered, the manufacturer of the plastic extruder will arrange a team of engineers to go to the customer's site to arrange debugging and conduct worker training. If you have any problems, you can find a technician to solve it 7/24. After-sales support is a very important thing.

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