Pros and Cons of SPC rigid core vinyl flooring

Pros and Cons of SPC rigid core vinyl flooring

SPC flooring is extruded and produced into substrate bySPC extruder line.During the time spent speaking with various SPC vinyl flooring clients, I observed thatSPC flooring to be unparalleled.which has the advantages in the resilient flooring category - recyclable,free formaldehyde, Eco-accommodating, solid,  wear resistant,  and so on... Contrasted with the LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles), WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), and other customary PVC flooring, SPC flooring has better execution on aspect soundness, which is a leap forward in PVC flooring.

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Pros of SPC flooring

(1) Affordable

As the SPC flooring creation process is basic, the comparing hardware and work costs have diminished, so SPC flooring is more reasonable than WPC flooring.

(2) Good layered strength

Contrasted and LVT, WPC, probably the greatest leap forward from SPC flooring is its layered solidness. For instance, LVT flooring is not difficult to frothing subsequent to warming, and WPC flooring layered solidness is poor, this "leap forward" implies that the inside beautification of the SPC flooring climate has been incredibly gotten to the next level.

Both WPC and SPC decks can be introduced in the sodden region. In any case, SPC flooring will in general display better execution when it comes to outrageous temperature changes. Since the thick center of SPC flooring is more impervious to development and withdrawal.

(3) Waterproof, dampness resistant, flame resistant

SPC flooring is made of PVC and normal lime powder, which is 100 percent waterproof and flame resistant, so you don't need to stress over the floor being clammy, moldy, or distorted. Along these lines, the SPC deck can be utilized in each home of your home, like the restroom, and kitchen.

(4) Eco-accommodating, zero formaldehyde

Obviously, formaldehyde principally comes from a wide range of cement or paste. The fundamental parts and creation cycle of SPC flooring decide its ecological presentation. SPC flooring predominantly utilizes polyvinyl chloride and normal lime powder, once warming covered, emblazoned creation process, with practically no cement or paste. From unrefined components to creation and assembling processes, SPC flooring doesn't contain formaldehyde, benzene, weighty metals, and other unsafe substances.


Profoundly, which makes them more impervious to harm brought about by effect or weighty items.

(6) Quick establishment

Contrasted with ceramic tiles, wood flooring, and so on, the quick establishment is likewise a significant pattern in floor covering material. The vast majority of SPC flooring available accompanies a lock framework. However long the surface can meet establishment conditions, no paste or nail is required. Furthermore, it is additionally simple to dismantle.

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Cons of SPC flooring

(1) High density and high weight

SPC flooring is compounded by polyvinyl chloride and a large amount of lime powder, which determines its physical properties of hard texture and high density. This in turn leads to inconvenience and high cost during transportation.

(2) High requirement for ground levelness

The substrate of SPC flooring is dense and hard, so it is not very suitable on any uneven ground. If the floor is uneven, there will be a hollow sound after installation. However, if the substrate is laid on the floor, it will help a lot to improve the sound absorption performance. Thinner materials do not have as much cushioning underfoot compared to hardwood or laminate.

(3) Not super scratch resistant.

While the core is very durable, the top wear layer can show significant scratches from overuse. It is ideal for regular use in residential and light commercial applications, but is not recommended for high-traffic commercial spaces.

(4) Not fade resistant

SPC will fade over time if you leave it in an area with plenty of natural light. We do not recommend it for use in solariums.

(5) It is not wood

Ultimately these hardwood alternatives will never match the value of real solid wood, so SPC will have a lower resale rate than real hardwood flooring.

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