Want to know PVC Foam Board ?

Want to know PVC Foam Board ?

PVC foam board, otherwise called Chevron board or Andi board, is generally utilized for indoor and outside applications.It is artificially made out of polyvinyl chloride and can be utilized in furnishings, development, and promotion enterprises.
This PVC foam board is made of lightweight and frothed PVC that is damp and erosion safe. It is certainly lightweight. It is additionally impervious to synthetic compounds. The general thickness of this material will differ from 3 mm to 45 mm.
Contingent upon your necessities, etching, emblazoning, painting, printing, overlaying, and crushing on the outer layer of the froth board is conceivable.
One of the most remarkable highlights of these froth loads up is that they don't decay over the long run and the variety remains new searching for quite a while without blurring.

What are the characteristics of PVC foam board ?

1. Fire resistance.
2. Resistant to acid, moth, heat, vibration, noise and light.
3. Waterproof
4. Has high thermal and acoustic insulation properties
5. Has self-extinguishing and flame retardant properties
6. Supports quality wood processing
7. Ideal alternative to wood, aluminum and other types of composites
8. Has a smooth panel surface with high hardness and few scratches, making it ideal for cabinets and furniture
9. Lightweight in texture. It is portable and can be easily transported anywhere
10. Any common woodworking tool can be used to work on this material.
11. Can be nailed, drilled, taped, sawed or involved in any other process.

What are the wide range of uses of PVC foam board?

1. Used in commercial, residential, public and office buildings
2. Used in the ceiling of cars, buses and trains
3. Widely used in computer lettering, screen printing and advertising
4. Used in kitchens for chemical corrosion works
5. for decorative, interior and architectural wall panels
6. Used in label, display board and sign industry

The capacities and uses of PVC Foam Board are restricted to the previously mentioned features, but on the other hand are expanding broadly. Its different applications and reasonable cost go with it the ideal decision for different cycles in various enterprises. It is the ideal material for all your indoor and outside applications.

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