Uses and Benefits of WPC Foam Board

Uses and Benefits of WPC Foam Board

What is WPC Foam Board?

WPC Foam Board is a profoundly tough and safe material utilized for development purposes. It is a combination of wood filaments/wood flour and thermoplastics.WPC boards are likewise made of inorganic fillers and plastic composites. Wood and plastic composites can likewise be utilized as areas of strength for a, quality covering choice. Then, the WPC Foam Board producer will present the purposes and benefits of WPC Foam Board.


WPC entryways are utilized for ground surface, decking, railings, fencing, finishing, windows, entryways, outside or inside trim layers, fabricating window, and door jambs, getting areas of strength for ready very much planned structures, blending floor furniture, and so on.

In the cutting edge period, the development business is likewise arising with new materials because of everyday mechanical and research advances, and this is no exemption. One of these materials in the development business is Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). A biological material is supplanting normal wood and pressed wood.


A composite material is a misuse of wood filaments and thermoplastics. They are blended to shape a base material with a thick consistency. It is then expelled and formed into the various shapes and sizes required. In rate terms, the WPC board contains 70% virgin polymer, 15% wood flour (filaments), and the leftover 15% added substances.

Benefits of WPC Foam Board

The accompanying records the different elements of WPC boards.


The look and feel are like normal wood. It requires less fix and support as it doesn't twist/overlap or split into little pieces like normal

It is a profoundly sturdy material as it is incredibly dampness safe

It is additionally impervious to termites and growths.

It doesn't consume effectively and doesn't fall apart or lose its structure.

It is a reasonable green material since it is comprised of reused plastic and wood squander.

There is a bigger nail, set screws with WPC when contrasted with regular wood, and latches.

It is turning out to be progressively famous as it maintains a strategic distance from superfluous logging and utilizes squander materials in an exceptionally useful manner to make further developed building materials. One tree is put something aside for each ten WPC cards.

Uses of WPC

WPC board has a great many purposes and applications for outside deck flooring, fencing, entryway and window outlines, and open air finishing.

1. Open air decks.

It is utilized habitually on decks and open air porches. WPC makers offer an assortment of decking choices like strong decking, empty decking, mosaic decking.

2. Fencing.

How protected and solid is the material? It is generally utilized in the readiness of nursery walls and different purposes for open air fencing.

3. Control boards.

This material is truly solid and can be utilized in both inside and outside boards since it is accessible in bigger sizes.

4. Inside regions.

WPC sheets are likewise utilized in inside regions for the production of different furniture like storerooms, kitchen cupboards, inside segments, restroom cupboards, and roofs in rooms.

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