PVC Pipe Extrusion Line


PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

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PVC pipe extrusion line can produce PVC pipes which are widely used in sewage pipes, drainage pipes and electrical and telecommunication engineering pipes.

Ф16-630 series PVC pipe extrusion line is mainly used to produce pipes for agriculture and construction pipelines, cable laying, etc. PVC pipe extrusion line consists of conical twin-screw extruder, die, vacuum calibration table, traction machine, cutting machine, extruder, traction machine adopts imported AC frequency conversion speed control device, vacuum pump and traction motor adopt famous brands. The traction method has two claws, three claws: four claws, six claws, eight claws, etc. The cutting method can choose sawing type or planetary cutting machine. It is also attached with automatic length counter and enhancement device. This PVC pipe extrusion line has reliable performance and high production efficiency.


Extruder Model Motor Power Pipe Range (mm) Capacity/H
Conical Twin Screw Extruder
18.5KW Φ16-40 mm
120 KG
22KW  Φ16-63 mm
150 KG
SJSZ65 37KW Φ50-200 mm 250 KG
SJSZ80 55KW Φ110-400 mm
400 KG
110KW Φ315-630 mm
700 KG

Flow Chart

Crusher (crushing the edge of board trimmed) → Miller (milling the scraps into powder) → Mixer (mixing the main materials and additives) → Auto loader→ conical double Screw Extruder → Extrusion Mould  →
Vacuum Calibration tank → Haul-off Machine → Cutting Machine → Stacker


PVC Pipe

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