PPR Pipe Extrusion Line


PPR Pipe Extrusion Line

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PPR Pipe Extrusion Line is mainly used to extrude PPR, PERT and other pipe products. Equipped with a co-extrusion head, it can produce PPR fiber composite pipes.
1. The design of trough feeding barrel and barrier screw improves plasticizing efficiency. High extrusion volume, low melt temperature and pressure, energy saving.
2. The filter die head is adopted to ensure that the material is not excessively sheared and prevent material degradation.

PP-R PE-RT PB pipes are produced by PPR Pipe Extrusion Line, which is widely used in different facilities such as apartments, villages, cable protection, hot water supply, house heating, etc. High speed HDPE/PPR pipe twin strand extrusion line is equipped with high efficiency single screw extruder with Siemens PLC control system. Siemens PLC automatically controls the whole line to ensure stable extrusion when extruding different types of raw materials for PP-R PE-RT PB pipe production.


Extruder Model Range (mm) Capacity (kg/h)
Single Screw Extruder
SJ65 20-63 90
SJ90 63-110 150

Flow Chart

Granules → Vacuum feeder→ Hopper Drier Single Screw Extruder → Extrusion Mould  →Vacuum Calibration tank → Cooling Tank → Printer→Hauling OffCutting Machine → Stacker


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