PE PP Pipe Extrusion Line


PE PP Pipe Extrusion Line

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PE PP Pipe Extrusion Line is mainly used for producing PE、PP、PB etc pipe products.PE PP Pipe Extrusion Line adopt high efficiency single screw extruder, the output is high.Basket type composite machine head guarantee the stability of extruder when it run with high speed, which guarantee the quality of pipe products.The technology of high efficiecy vacuum calibration and cooling meet the requirement of high speed extruding.Adopt multi pedrail haul off,the central motor drive all pedrail,Which guarantee the high synchronization of ped rail and guarantee the circularity of products.PE PP Pipe Extrusion Line is controlled automatically, the control precision is high.PE PP Pipe Extrusion Line run stably and is operated easily.


Extruder Model Range (mm) Main Extruder
Single Screw Extruder
PE63 16-63 SJ-65
PE160 50-160 SJ-75 / SJ-90
90-250 SJ-75 / SJ-90
PE400 110-400 SJ-90 / SJ-120
PE630 315-630 SJ-120/ SJ-150

Flow Chart

Granules → Vacuum feeder→ Hopper Drier Single Screw Extruder → Extrusion Mould  →Vacuum Calibration tank → Cooling Tank → Printer→Hauling OffCutting Machine → Stacker


PP PE Pipe

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