LVT, WPC, SPC — which is appropriate for your client?

LVT, WPC, SPC — which is appropriate for your client?

As resilient flooring continues to expand into various market segments, it is imperative for flooring dealers to keep abreast of where each product (once installed) will really thrive. LVT, WPC, and SPC—arguably the three most popular elastic products today—all have different nuances, and in different projects, they each have strengths.

When helping consumers find the ideal floor, retailers need to consider several factors, such as the consumer's lifestyle and the room where the floor will be installed, experts say. WPC products may be more susceptible to movement from direct sunlight than products with SPC cores.

SPC is also an ideal product for consumers looking for high performance flooring. WPC is great for some older adults because its soft, resilient floor helps the hips, ankles, and knees.

While WPC and SPC floors have become the products of choice for residential projects, they are also making their way into the commercial space. LVT floors are used in any situation where customers may see a hard surface and are more suitable than ever in bathrooms and wet areas.

Compared to traditional LVT, SPC offers many advantages - no adaptation, better sound absorption, in addition to being more tolerant of imperfect subfloors. In fact, we've seen some of our property accounts switch to SPC when the budget allows. SPC Floor offer very realistic visuals, built for today's active homes.

Although SPC and WPC Floors have their place in most of the engineered wood flooring market, traditional LVT is still specified in various commercial projects. Glued LVT are more suitable for commercial applications such as chairs, carts, etc., where they may tumble. There are many concrete slabs in poor condition in some places, so prefer the floating floor of the home. LVT are mainly installed in property management projects. It's very expensive, but gives property managers the opportunity to upgrade common area floors within apartments to better-looking, durable, and easy-to-maintain floors.

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