Which is better, SPC flooring compared to LVP flooring?

Which is better, SPC flooring compared to LVP flooring?

What is SPC flooring

It is one of the best types of flooring available!
Few floors are as durable as it is, and even fewer offer the same benefits. It's relatively inexpensive (at least compared to hardwood), waterproof, and super stable even when faced with strange temperature or humidity changes. Aside from its mediocre eco-friendliness, the only real downside to SPC flooring is that it's not as comfortable as regular luxury vinyl or WPC flooring. Of course, a good subfloor can account for this to some extent.

How is SPC flooring made?

The materials for stone plastic composite hardcore flooring are mixed together and then overheated in order to remove any moisture from the mixture and ensure a proper combination of stone dust and polymer. This ensures that the overall properties of each plank or tile are uniform. Design layers are applied with different patterns and then each plank or tile is cut to size and boxed for shipping.

Does SPC flooring require an underlayment?

Most SPC flooring requires the use of a luxury vinyl flooring underlayment. Since this type of luxury vinyl flooring (LVP) is very hard, we recommend using a subfloor that enhances comfort to balance the characteristics of the flooring.

What is the best application for SPC flooring?

SPC flooring is easily one of the best alternatives to solid wood flooring because it is so versatile. Because of its durability and water resistance, it is perfect for utility room flooring, kitchen flooring, and even laundry room flooring. However, it is not suitable for use in shopping malls with a high number of people. And, because it remains stable through changes in temperature and humidity, it is arguably the best flooring for basements because it is water/water resistant. It is also possible to put this type of luxury vinyl plank flooring on stairs.

Is SPC flooring cold?

SPC flooring can be a bit cold underfoot, however we don't think it's any worse than tile, stone or concrete flooring. Some SPC flooring brands offer an insulation-reinforced backing layer that helps prevent cold feet.

Are the reviews of SPC flooring generally good?

SPC flooring reviews are "generally good". However, we cannot stress enough that not all SPC flooring brands are created equal.

Can you install SPC flooring outside?

No. SPC flooring is not suitable for outdoor use. If you are looking for outdoor flooring options, we recommend that you explore outdoor vinyl flooring products. That being said, if you are looking for the best garage flooring, SPC flooring is not a bad choice.

Which is better, SPC flooring compared to LVP flooring?

In terms of durability, SPC flooring is much more durable than regular LVP. However, this extra durability comes at the cost of reduced comfort. So SPC flooring is perfect if you want a floor that can take a big beating every day. On the other hand, if you're looking for a floor that only needs to withstand light friction, plain LVP may be a more cost-effective solution. In other words, the choice depends on your needs.

WPC vs SPC vs LVT flooring 

LVT refers to luxury vinyl tile, which is a plastic tile made from polyvinyl chloride resin with a pattern printed on the front to mimic other textures, most commonly wood or stone grain.
Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) flooring uses a wood polymer composite core for comfort, while Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring uses a stone polymer composite core for durability.
The main difference between the three is their core components/construction. lvt flooring is flexible, while SPC vinyl flooring has a rigid core. In the long run, WPC and SPC tend to be more durable.
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