Plastic Profile extrusion line


Plastic Profile extrusion line

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Plastic profile extrusion line included PE/PP/PVC/PS/ABS/PC Profile extrusion line, which is mainly based on various kinds of PP, PE, PVC, PS, ABS and other plastic particles as raw materials, extrude raw materials with a single screw extruder, equipped with different sizes and shapes of molds, match with corresponding calibrating table or cooling tank, hauling machine, cutting machine, and rack, PE/PP/PVC/PS/ABS/PC Profile extrusion line can produce a variety of different plastic profiles. We can customize PE/PP/PVC/PS/ABS/PC Profile extrusion line according to customer samples.

Plastic profiles have the advantages of lower cost, lighter weight, more colors and designs, and longer service life compared to wood profiles, PVC.

JKS plastic profile extrusion line has the same extrusion process as plastic pipe extrusion line, using the same extruder, but the downstream extrusion equipment is different, our plastic profile extrusion line includes extruder, extrusion die, extrusion tractor, extrusion cutter and extrusion stacker, our machines have been sold to many countries and we hope to find agents all over the world

Flow Chart

Raw material + Additive → Mixing UnitScrew Loader →Single Screw Extruder → Extrusion Die → Vacuum Calibration Table →Haul-off machine → Cutting Machine → Stacker


Plastic Profiles

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