PVC Profile Extrusion Line


PVC Profile Extrusion Line

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PVC profile extrusion line include

1. PVC ceiling profile extrusion line

2. PVC ceiling panel extrusion line

3. PVC marble profile extrusion line

4. PVC wall panel extrusion line

5. PVC door and window profile extrusion line

6. PVC hollow door panel extrusion line

7. WPC profile extrusion line

8. PVC door frame and door board extrusion line


Plastic profiles have the advantages of lower cost, lighter weight, more colors and designs, and longer service life compared to wood profiles, PVC.


JKS PVC profile extrusion line has the same extrusion process as PVC pipe extrusion line, using the same extruder, but the downstream extrusion equipment is different, our PVC profile extrusion line includes extruder, extrusion die, extrusion tractor, extrusion cutter and extrusion stacker, our machines have been sold to many countries and we hope to find agents all over the world


Extruder Model Motor Power Raw Material Width Capacity/H
Conical Twin Screw Extruder
18.5KW PVC Powder and Calcium Carbonate
300 mm 120 KG
22KW PVC Powder and Calcium Carbonate
300 mm 150 KG
SJSZ65 37KW PVC Powder and Calcium Carbonate 600 mm 250 KG
SJSZ80 55KW PVC Powder and Calcium Carbonate
1200 mm
400 KG

Flow Chart

Crusher (crushing the edge of board trimmed) → Miller (milling the scraps into powder) → Mixer (mixing the main materials and additives) → Auto loader→ conical double Screw Extruder → Extrusion Mould and Sizing Mould →
Vacuum Calibration table → Haul-off Machine → Cutting Machine → Stacker


PVC Profiles

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