What's the application of PVC Panel ?

What's the application of PVC Panel ?

What is a PVC panel?

PVC plastic panel is a kind of decorative sheeting made of PVC plastic, which is chemically known as polyvinyl chloride, and is the most widely used plastic in the construction industry, divided into two types: hard and soft, which can be processed into various construction materials. Hard PVC plastic can be made into shutters, wall panels, roofing panels, skirting boards, door and window frames, handrails, floor tiles, and various plates and profiles through the PVC panel extrusion line and PVC profile extrusion line. Soft PVC plastics can be made into sheets, films, and pipes through PVC pipe production lines. PVC plastic panels are rigid PVC.

What are the following characteristics of PVC panel?
PVC panel is light, beautiful pattern, rich color, smooth and bright board surface, corrosion resistance, fire prevention, flame retardant, sound insulation, moisture-proof, and can be cleaned. Its disadvantages are fragile performance, not impact resistant and not breathable.

How to choose PVC panel?

1. Quality
In order to achieve the effect of sound insulation and warmth, PVC panel is hollow in the middle after processing and molding, and set many ribs in the middle to increase the strength. The surface of the buckle board can not feel the ribs inside by touching it with your hand. PVC panel has flame retardant and high gloss.

2. Color
PVC panel color is divided into two main colors, cold and warm, can be selected according to the decorative environment and preferences. Due to the influence of many factors in the production process.

3. Pattern shape
PVC panel usually has marble pattern and wood grain, but also can have mixed colors, when selecting can watch from different angles whether the pattern is natural and beautiful.

What is the application of PVC panel?

PVC panel has a wide range of applications and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, corrosion-proof workshops, as well as curtain boxes, heating covers, partition walls and other parts. Flat walls and roofs can be installed directly without nailing wooden keel, PVC panel installation needs less space.

Are there any other matters needs to be attentioned for PVC panel?

1. If the color is inconsistent when you choose the panel, you should replace it in time after discovery. When it can not be replaced, in the construction process should be taken from light to dark or from deep to light principle, try to make the whole decoration surface color close, otherwise it will cause color confusion, affecting the beauty.

2.When in the process of construction, due to the size of the decorative parts, often closing the panel used is not a whole, so the decoration can be placed in an inconspicuous place at the end.

3. PVC panel impact resistance is not good, so do not install in easy to collide with the parts. pvc panel does not absorb water, not breathable. In places with high air humidity, it is not suitable for the whole house are decorated with PVC panel, can only be used partially.

4. PVC panel installation requires the use of a variety of plastic accessories, which are also can be extruded by pvc profile extrusion line. Such as corner pieces, corner pieces, connectors, pressure ceiling bars and end strips, in the selection of the color of each accessory should be consistent with the panel.

5. In the case of uneven walls or doors and windows protruding from the wall, you should first nail the wooden keel on the wall to level, and then install PVC panel.

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